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The company is run by Martin and Kristin, together we have almost 30 years of working with huskies in tourist industry and some racing kennels as well. We have been working for numerous kennels across Scandinavia and some places in Germany and Switzerland.  


Since we met in Kiruna in 2017, every off season we travelled with our fluffy friends (5 at the time) across Scandinavia and some parts of Europe, as we grew closer and closer to each other, knew that we want to start something on our own. One day we came across a property which to us, had a huge potential and just jumped for it. As for now, we increased our pack to 21 dogs (+7 pups). From experience, we feel that the more dogs you have, the harder it is to provide proper care for each individual dog. Our sillies will be always #1 priority. The goal is to have 20 running dogs and some retired ones as well. Oldies can always help with short tours and especially summer programs. Also they are the best examples for the young ones... well... most of them.

Our kennel has a huge running yard so even in summer time, when dogs do not work, they have plenty of space to play and run around every day, practice some obedience training and we and guests have fun with them in general. 

When it comes to winter products, we had enough of mass tourism places and we believe more individual approach towards clients is the way to go. Therefor we set up tours aimed for small parties, that way the experience get more personal and our clients don't feel left out - like it can happen when you have a group of 20+ people. 

Even during summer months, we provide kennel visit where you can say hi to dogs, give them some much appreciated cuddles and get more information about them and what we do. If you look for something to do for longer than 1 hour, we can take dogs and go for a small hike and enjoy Fika or small lunch. 


woof woof 

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